Ottawa-based Tehama, an innovative, cloud-based platform supporting the future of work, announced that it has been awarded a contract by Innovative Solutions Canada. Innovative Solutions Canada is a Research and Development (R&D) funding program. Their funding streams help fund early-stage R&D projects, and tests prototypes in real-life settings. The two streams are dedicated to Canadian innovators who want to start, grow and get to market.

Tehama’s platform can help Canadian government organizations capitalize on the expanding digital economy that is being driven by the growing hybrid workforce. Enabling businesses and government entities to transform and sustain their evolving workforces, the Tehama platform delivers secure, compliant and location-independent services, positioning these organizations for long-term success without compromising productivity and collaboration. Additionally, the Tehama platform has the potential to assist Canada in optimizing the citizen and employee experience while significantly reducing the cost of deploying and maintaining virtual desktops, by providing the cloud-based infrastructure needed to support remote and hybrid workforces.

 “We are pleased to have been awarded this landmark contract by Innovative Solutions Canada,” said Paul Vallee, CEO, Tehama. “This represents a tremendous opportunity for our team to engage and to prove our ability to deliver a powerful and innovative platform supporting Canada’s Digital Strategy. Tehama offers a scalable solution that can help government organizations optimize their operations, and safeguard sovereign data and intellectual property.” 

“This initiative is just the first in a series of projects we hope to be involved in as part of the ISC-TS contract,” continued Vallee. “We look forward to having the opportunity to play an even larger role, helping organizations of all types and sizes as they confront a systemic change to the very nature of work itself”.  

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