Julian Lee recently had a chat with Laura Miller, founder and CEO of TempDev, a healthcare IT and consulting firm helping clients improve operations, clinical, and financial performance. They specialize in creating innovative and forward-thinking solutions, such as credit balance software, reporting dashboards, business intelligence solutions, and practice management templates. TempDev has worked with some of the largest medical groups, private equity firms, and ASCs in the country. They have presented at the NextGen National User Group Meeting conference on multiple occasions. TempDev offers consulting services for Electronic Health Records (HER/EMR) and practice management.  For the past 14 years, TempDev has been an entirely remote company, which has contributed to its success at attracting top talent. TempDev is well-known as a great company to work for, due to its successful work-from-home model. Miller believes that companies must offer work-from-home solutions in the post-pandemic era.

Miller set out to build a company that was not the typical tech company. Company values are based on people and what is truly important, making TempDev a place where women want to work.

For more information, feel free to visit their web site at www.tempdev.com