Too much e-waste continues to fill up our landfills and pollute our environment every day. You can make a difference. Consider doing a “MY Green IT Day” to help reduce the impact of IT waste on the environment.

It’s a simple idea that works and you do not need much to do. It also helps your business. Many resellers have proven this!

We are encouraging every reseller to host their very own My GREEN IT DAY as often as possible, whereby they invite all of their customers and local community to drop off their not-working, broken, used, obsolete electronic equipment into e-waste bins at their location.

It’s a simple way for resellers to help the environment while giving their customers another good reason to visit their company. Maybe even sell them some new equipment at the same time.

An easy way for everyone to do a small part to help protect the environment. Collectively, it can really make a significant difference.

It can bring a good social purpose to your team and community. It can be profitable. It’s smart. It feels good!

Re-purpose used or obsolete equipment. Several recycle partners can refurbish, donate and repurpose equipment, when possible. They will offer at low prices to people who cannot afford the latest equipment. Sometimes the best recycling is re-purposing for use by others who need what you do not want.

Repair broken equipment that is out of warranty. If you have equipment that you cannot fix, consider leveraging some partners who may be able to repair it at the board level. These companies will receive out-of-warranty products and check it for FREE. If they can fix it, they will provide you with a written quote. If you decide to go ahead and fix it, they will and return your repaired equipment back to you . If you decide not to fix it, they will forward it to recycle facilities for proper environmental-friendly disposal.

Lifecycle management. Many companies can help in the entire lifecycle management of equipment. They can remove old equipment so you can deploy new equipment. Removing the burden and costs of removing equipment, erasing data clean from hard drives and recycling old equipment can help channel partners and end-users save a lot of costs and time.

Why not start your own “My Green IT Day”?

Today, most e-waste facilities offer an outstanding service and are regulated. It’s not too difficult to find a good partner. However, if you need help, we can hook you up. TechnoPlanet has identified some of the best environmentally-friendly service companies to support “My Green IT Day” in the Channel.

TechnoPlanet will continue to research and review more partners and opportunities who can bring the best ideas to help the IT channel become more environmentally friendly.

Once you put this together the first time, it is very easy to rinse and repeat.

TIP: Reach out to your vendors to ask them for a rebate to offer customers for trading in their old equipment like UPSs, computers and printers. You may be surprised what they may do. We can also help you, if you like.

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