Tehama, a leading all-in-one enterprise-level remote and hybrid work platform provider for secure access to data and applications, announced that on March 31, 2023, it successfully completed a change of ownership and the transition from Tehama Inc. to Tehama Technologies Inc.

Tehama is now owned by private investors including its executive leadership team – Paul Vallée, CEO; Rob White, CFO; Kevin Haaland, CTO; and Mick Miralis, CRO. Under new ownership, Tehama is focused on enabling hybrid and remote work by providing organizations  including public sector, financial services, healthcare and telecommunications, to name but a few, with the ability to securely access data and applications with a second to none user experience and the fastest ROI in the market.

Mick Miralis, Chief Revenue Officer, Tehama, said, “The name Tehama Technologies acknowledges our history as a leader in hybrid and remote work, while validating our future and continued leadership in integrated technologies that are poised to not only revolutionize the delivery of remote work, but also fundamentally change what it means to integrate, automate and secure work.”

Tehama integrates seamlessly with existing cloud and virtualization technology ecosystems, eliminating layers of complexity and engineering, to deliver a faster, simpler, more flexible solution. “Working with our Advantage Partners, Tehama has structured and is executing a global strategy that integrates IT resources, from the application and operating system to the cloud and everything in between,” added Miralis. “This enables our partners to deliver a secure hybrid work platform offering superior performance and an optimized user experience, at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.”

For more information, visit https://tehama.io. Check out our last interview with Mick: Past interview with Mick:  https://www.e-channelnews.com/channel-chief-interview-mick-miralis/