Unicon, a leading provider of the Linux-based operating system eLux, is reshaping the landscape for hybrid workplaces. The company has now introduced a new partner program called eLux Ready, which establishes a network of technology companies collaborating with Unicon to deliver a unified, secure, and highly productive user experience.

The eLux Ready Program provides hardware and software providers with technical and marketing resources to optimize the user experience for mutual customers. Furthermore, it ensures smooth cooperation between Unicon’s eLux operating system and partner solutions through an extensive certification process.

Gregori Martinez, OEM Partner Manager at Unicon, expresses excitement about the new technology program: “Our close partnerships with leading technology companies in hardware, analytics, virtualization, peripherals, security, and unified communications enhance our solutions in the VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service space. With this integrated approach, Unicon’s customers benefit from seamless collaboration among all components of a hybrid workplace.”

Unicon’s eLux Ready partner program brings significant benefits to both resellers and customers:

  1. Guaranteed Compatibility: By verifying technology partners and their solutions, it ensures that they seamlessly work with the eLux operating system and the Scout Management platform.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: Optimal integration with eLux significantly boosts efficiency and productivity in businesses, leading to smoother workflows, improved performance, and cost savings by minimizing the likelihood of hardware and software issues.
  3. Reduced Support Costs: The extensive certification process significantly reduces the risk of compatibility problems, in turn lowering support costs. Less time and resources are required to address issues.

In summary, Unicon’s eLux Ready partner program provides customers and resellers with the confidence that selected partner solutions seamlessly cooperate with Unicon’s products. This contributes to an enhanced overall experience and simplifies implementation and maintenance.

For more information on who is already partnering with Unicon, please visit https://www.unicon.com/partners.

Source: Unicon