Symmetry Systems, a modern data security company has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status in the Data Protection category. This designation recognizes Symmetry Systems as a proven AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized software to discover, classify, protect, detect, and respond to data centric threats.

To achieve this designation, AWS Partners must demonstrate deep technical excellence in following AWS best practices, provide extensive and detailed documentation, and receive several customer testimonials outlining how the solution helps AWS customers achieve their data security goals beyond existing AWS capabilities, minimizing risks to their data. 

“Achieving the AWS Security Competency designation displays our dedication to technical excellence and commitment to helping organizations protect their data at all times, while ensuring it remains within their control.” says Mohit Tiwari, CEO and cofounder of Symmetry Systems. “Our flagship product, Symmetry DataGuard, has a unique ‘in your cloud’ deployment model that provides a scalable, flexible and cost-effective data security posture management (DSPM) solution. Our industry-leading offering meets the most demanding customer needs, including financial services, healthcare and FedRamp environments, supporting AWS and other cloud providers, including hybrid cloud deployments.”

Symmetry Systems’ mission is to protect the world’s data, ensuring resilience and enabling modern data-centric companies to grow, innovate and lead with confidence. Symmetry DataGuard, with its award-winning DSPM solution and AI-enabled Data Detection and Response (DDR) solution built into a single platform, makes it simple, actionable and cost effective for modern organizations to deal with the level of complexity and scale at the precision needed to protect their data – their most important asset.

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