Kaseya recently sponsored the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summits in Houston, TX and Jacksonville, FL. You can read all about it here. Jason Pryce, Channel Development Manager at Kaseya, discussed various topics related to Kaseya’s offerings and the upcoming Global Connect event. Additionally, he touched on the acquisition of Vonahi and its vPenTest product, highlighting its rapid growth in the marketplace.

Julian and Jason delved into the challenges faced by MSPs in managing multiple solutions and the need for a more streamlined approach. The discussion also focused on the significance of pen testing for MSPs, emphasizing its relevance in addressing compliance, cybersecurity insurance, and regulatory requirements. They stressed the competitive advantage of offering pen testing services, the evolving nature of pen testing, and the importance of regular testing to stay ahead of potential security threats. The conversation also explored the strategies for maximizing efficiency and profitability for MSPs using Kaseya’s IT Complete platform, emphasizing the importance of deep integrations and the profit fuel exercise. Finally, they talked about the big announcement at the upcoming Kaseya Connect event from April 29th to May 2nd. Check out the speakers, agenda, at https://www.kaseyaconnect.com.