Darwinium announces a strategic partnership with IPinfo to fight advanced threats on a global scale. Darwinium’s industry-leading continuous customer protection platform is now bolstered by IPinfo’s sophisticated IP address data sets. Access to this critical information supports enhanced user analytics, geolocation data, fraud risk models, and malicious traffic detection, reinforcing Darwinium’s delivery of real-time, holistic customer intelligence across the entire digital estate.

These enhancements are now accessible to Darwinium’s customer base via its Evolution Ecosystem of Partners, which offers advanced intelligence via pre-integrated solutions. As a member of this ecosystem, IPinfo’s accurate, low-latency IP geolocation lookup is available and optimized through its journey orchestration layer.

Today’s ever-evolving landscape of wide-reaching threats requires businesses to have a keen understanding of customer and user behaviors. Data coverage, speed and accuracy are increasingly important to defend against modern cyberattacks and fraud attempts. IP and Geolocation intelligence are critical elements of Darwinium’s Digital DNA, the most advanced understanding of digital users on the market. In collaborating with IPinfo, Darwinium harnesses its ability to provide actionable insights by gathering the most precise and up-to-date proprietary data via IPinfo’s worldwide network of probe servers and multi-step data validation process.

“Cybersecurity threats continue to advance in every aspect of our lives, which is why it’s more important than ever for Darwinium to partner with leaders across the industry to generate the very best intelligence for our customers,” said Jim Seymour, Darwinium’s global head of strategic alliances. “IPinfo has the most comprehensive and advanced IP data set, enabling us with worldwide geolocation intelligence to support all our customer’s security needs.”

“IPinfo partners with industry-leading companies, delivering insights to power their most innovative solutions. We are excited to work with Darwinium, a company taking on the most demanding fraud and cybersecurity challenges,” said Ross Lewis, Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem at IPinfo.

Source: Darwinium