Dave Sobel started out as a software developer.  In 2002, he launched his own MSP focused on infrastructure services and got involved with education communities such as CompTIA and HTG.  He then worked for Level Platforms, then GFI and stayed on during the IPO process with Solarwinds.  A year later, he decided he was ready for his next adventure.  He wanted to take his experience into a new realm, by delivering educational value to the channel from the perspective of someone who has been in multiple roles.  He then launched ‘The Business of Tech’ daily podcast.

Dave believes the threat level to technology companies is far higher than anybody wants to address. All MSPs, regardless of their size, need to have a playbook that includes security. Ultimately, MSPs will be left with 2 options in terms of security: build it or buy it. The gap between the ‘have’ and the ‘have not’ will be widening even more.

MSPs should widen their portfolio in underserved areas of opportunity, such as data management.  Are they collecting the right data?  It is secure? etc. Data is definitely the new oil.

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