The first two Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summits in 2024 have concluded. Here is what transpired and how channel partners can benefit from the resource and community.

Thanks to some amazing folks who shared their knowledge with the attendees: Jon Murphy , Jay McBain , Mel Rico Reyes , Mark Porter , Nicholas Hansen , Randal Wark , Jason Pryce , Davene Smith, MBA , Michael Becce, Jaap Mantel , Nim Nadarajah, C.CISO, PMP, MBA, SSGB, CSM and others!

CDES Event Wrap Up

Here’s a quick recap of what was presented at the summit:

Our keynote presenters were Jon Murphy , a top global CISO, who spoke about how new privacy laws, compliances, and regulations are affecting CISOs’ duties, liabilities and the companies they work for, and Mel Rico Reyes another top CISO and business coach who discussed the different headwinds and tailwinds facing all cybersecurity-first MSPs. Jay McBain also offered a detailed analysis of the cyber market and channel developments. Ask if you would like to receive more information.

Julian Lee presented an overview of the CDE, including its objective, how it helps the channel community, and a progress report. In 2024, it will be travelling across the US to meet the local communities.

There are three business management platforms currently available for CDE members:

  1. Channel Rocket: Manage vendors and their products, team skills, third-party service providers, and access to all CDE services. Each member receives a free instance, with one person to showcase as the team’s skills monitor (add more for a fee).
  2. Manage all transactions with no setup fees, a low transaction fee, automated renewals, and net new opportunity discovery.
  3. ContentMX : Automated marketing powered by AI

Learn more or contact these and other CDE service partners

Six exceptional services were showcased:

  1. MRBPR Public Relations 3-month program to implement and teach you how to use PR to grow business year-round. (Not free)
  2. Mastermind Peer-Group: Work with a group of your peers to enhance your business and solve problems. (Not free)
  3. Selling Cyber Risks by Shane Gibson Professional Keynote Conference Speaker Gibson is a sales program that trains sales representatives to better their selling skills and use AI-powered technologies. (Not free)
  4. Compliance-as-a-Service training and tools for creating a managed service by Critical Matrix. (Not free)
  5. Cyber Breach Plan, Practice, and Outsource of VCISO Services by Crosshair Cyber (Not free)
  6. MSP Cybersecurity Business Development and Leadership Coaching – Contact the Channel Partner Alliance . More coaches to be showcased soon on our partner ChannelWise (Not Free).

Five powerful cybersecurity solutions:

  1. Data & More : Discover, categorize, and determine the most effective protection strategy. Implement this immediately to protect the most valuable asset. Leverage for post-breach forensics. This is a much-have solution and members get to test it for free on their data!
  2. Kaseya : Pen testing as a Service and platform as well as consolidation for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Fill gaps in your cybersecurity portfolio and add as you wish.
  3. Cyvatar : Quickly outsource affordable cybersecurity services for your SMBs. Transfer a portion of your “challenging” clients so you can better focus on your top customers. 
  4. High Wire Networks: Outsourced complete cybersecurity services for the mid to enterprise. This company will work with your clients current cyber set-up, fill gaps and improve.
  5. CYREBRO : MSP outsource of top-shelf 24/7 SOC services to any organization.

Contact these companies directly or learn more at CDE!

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As you experience the membership benefits of the CDE, you will grow sales, increase profits and improve your business valuation. If you do not achieve all of these three outcomes, then the CDE is not a fit for you.

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The CDE is a 100% digital resource and community open to you 365 days a year, but the in-person events are something extra special we do to support you locally and get to know each other. To all who attended, we appreciate it and thank you very much for making the time. Based on your feedback, it appears like it was well worth your time and effort – we look forward to assisting further. To those who missed it, maybe next time. In the mean time, review the content and watch for the post event interviews coming soon! More events are planned so keep an eye on the next dates and locations.