TechnoPlanet and the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem (CDE), have teamed up with multi-award winning revenue technology provider –, to help drive revenue growth and streamline operations for its members.

Since 2008, the iasset platform has revolutionized critical sales and revenue processes for IT vendors, distributors, resellers, and MSPs. Through automation, it has enabled significant cost savings, efficiency gains, and sustainable growth.

The platform works by creating a real-time, holistic view of your installed base data and applying data-driven insights to ensure that no revenue event is overlooked. It proactively identifies upsell, cross-sell, upgrade, refresh, renewal and end of life opportunities and with its advanced CPQ functionality, it auto-generates accurately priced quotes, freeing up time to focus more on delivering value to clients.

“We are delighted to extend the iasset platform to CDE members. Our partnership will help these businesses safeguard existing revenue and enhance customer lifetime value, all while leveraging the countless benefits of automation” said Scott Frew, CEO of

He added: “Cybersecurity providers play a pivotal role in helping organizations defend against an evolving landscape of cyber threats. However, their responsibility extends beyond the initial consultation or sale. They must also mitigate the risk of unsupported and redundant assets, and this requires a proactive approach complemented by a platform like iasset.”

“All CDE members are looking for ways to streamline operations and increase sales per client. We considered a variety of alternatives to assist them in achieving these goals, and we chose IASSET for several reasons. It has been battle-tested. The results improve over time. It works! Out of the gate, members can use this tool to manage all of their SaaS licensing transactions between vendors and clients. Manage all renewals automatically. Create business intelligence data that can help them identify new sales opportunities with their clientele. This is a must-have for our MSP members (and vendors)” said Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet.

He added: “Probably the most important reason to use this platform is to build a much stronger company valuation, especially if you intend to exit the business at some time. Taking complete control of your clients’ data, purchases, and business requirements allows you to generate more sales per client more easily and quickly. I also know that this platform delivers a lot more value than I just described, and nothing is more exciting than knowing that they have no upfront costs to adapting this platform because they only pay a small percentage of sales that are driven through the platform – It’s 100% measurable ROI.” 

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