Julian recently sat down with Pat Saavedra, Founder of RabbitRun Technologies to discuss the company’s journey, and the motivation behind creating a product for SMBs. They discussed the technical innovation and market strategy for the SD-WAN product, emphasizing the importance of the SaaS model and the added services bundled with the product to cater to the needs of MSPs and their customers. The conversation also touched on the critical nature of business continuity, particularly in the face of internet outages and the evolving business landscape. They emphasized the financial impact of internet downtime on small businesses and highlighted the role of MSPs in delivering seamless failover solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Pat also described the affordability and value proposition of RabbitRun services for small and micro businesses. He emphasized the potential for great margin for MSPs and the reliability of the system for customers. He spoke about product development and marketing strategies, highlighting the need to cater to the specific needs of small businesses and MSPs.

We will be interviewing Pat again next month. Stay tuned for his next conversation on e-channelnews.com!