The role of automation and AI in resolving IT issues has strengthened, emphasising a commitment to operational efficiency across the entire business sector. We sat down with Austin Ayres, Head of Global Partners at Lakeside Software – a company that works in the DEX space and partners with resellers – to discuss why organisations are increasingly prioritizing personalised and efficient digital experiences for their workforce, what the rise in Artificial Intelligence means for players in the channel, and how resellers now have a unique opportunity to help their clients bridge the gap between one-off technologies and larger, more end-to-end solutions. 

During the conversation, Austin Ayres spoke about topics such as the importance of visibility and telemetry in IT management, data-driven decisions and AI in the context of digital transformation, and the pivotal role of AI in guiding companies to optimize resources and prioritize actions. The conversation also touched on the evolving landscape of technology education, the challenges and opportunities presented by the abundance of information available to students, and the potential impact of AI and technology solutions in shaping the future of businesses.

Julian and Austin Ayres emphasized the need for expert guidance in leveraging technological solutions and the importance of mentorship to align students with current industry trends.

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