AgileBlue, a leading global innovator in AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, recently announced the general availability of Sapphire AI in its Cerulean XDR|SOAR platform. The advanced AI system reinforces the company’s commitment to customer excellence, serving as the first line of defense against a cyber-attack.

In this interview, AgileBlue’s president Tony Pietrocola, presented the challenges of managing vast amounts of data and the importance of condensing complex discussions and data points into manageable information, highlighting the role of AI in this process. Juliand and Tony also discussed the evolving nature of cyber threats, emphasizing the growing sophistication of tactics such as ransomware and deepfakes, and the challenges faced by CISOs in dealing with these evolving threats.

The conversation also touched on the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure, specifically airports and midsize airports, to cyber threats. They emphasized the need for collective defense efforts to safeguard businesses, customers, and critical infrastructure in the face of unpredictable cyber threats, highlighting the urgency for a unified approach in addressing the complex and multifaceted nature of cybersecurity challenges. They also discussed the crucial role of AI in cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for actionable intelligence and the potential for AI to handle routine tasks, allowing human analysts to focus on more strategic and challenging work, ultimately reducing burnout and improving overall cybersecurity effectiveness.

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