Axiad, a leading provider of organization-wide passwordless orchestration, announced a new integration with Ping Identity, the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, and is now listed on the Ping Identity Integration Directory. By utilizing certificates issued by Axiad and Ping Identity, the integration allows customers to benefit from a consolidated authentication experience across devices, tokens, and locations to enhance security and reduce end-user friction.

“Axiad already supports seamless integration with PingOne via SCIM, and now, by introducing this new integration, Ping Identity customers will be able to extend their existing functionalities to address authentication in an integrated fashion across their organizations,” said Karen Larson, senior director of strategic alliances at Axiad. “By using certificate-based authentication, customers using both on-premise and cloud solutions will benefit from a more secure form of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that can help prevent phishing-based cyber-attacks.”

Last month, the company announced it has further expanded internationally, delivering its flagship Axiad Cloud product that is now hosted in Canada. This expansion means that Canadian-based customers and organizations that have international operations in Canada are now able to host their authentication solution in country – aligning to certain data sovereignty requirements and helping customers comply with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and other regulations.  

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Axiad Cloud is an industry-leading platform that delivers a holistic, consistent, and secure “no password” passwordless future that eliminates the friction and risk found in typically fragmented solutions. Axiad Cloud is made up of a full suite of modular, passwordless authentication capabilities, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Phishing-Resistant Authentication, Certificate-Based Authentication for IAM, Passwordless Orchestration, and PKI as a Service. 

Axiad’s new service will be hosted only in Canadian-based AWS facilities, utilizing multiple available zones to provide a comprehensive, high-availability solution. With the offering being hosted locally, Canadian customers are likely to see improved performance relative to solutions not hosted in country as well.   

Today’s news further underscores Axiad’s investment in serving its Canadian customers. The company has managed a research and development center in country since 2019, and it also operates a service center in the nation’s capital of Ottawa where it provides professional services and technical support for organizations based in Canada.  

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