Paola Doebel is SVP and Managing Director of North America at Ensono. She is responsible for Ensono’s North America Client Engagement functions including new logo, partner, base clients, solutions engineering and go-to-market planning. Paola has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in product, go-to-market, and sales strategies. She has a proven track record of delivering growth across complex portfolios that span multiple geographies. Before Ensono, Paola worked at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) where she ran their multi- billion compute, hybrid cloud, mission critical, and high-performance computing/artificial intelligence business in North America. Additionally, Paola has extensive global experience. She spent 8.5 years in Asia-Pacific where she held various executive roles with Dell and HPE including Vice President of the Datacenter and Hybrid Cloud business for HPE.

She shared her career journey, starting from finance to entering the technology space at Nike, then transitioning to Dell and HPE before joining Ensono. The differences in company cultures and the fast-paced, data-driven nature of the tech industry were also discussed. The importance of continuous learning and embracing new challenges was highlighted, with Paola sharing insights from her experience as an athlete and emphasizing the value of physical and mental sharpness for effective leadership.