It was great to see all of the activities around the recent International’s Woman’s Day on March 8th. A lot has happened since the birth of the IWD back in 1909. So many women have fought the battle to get to where we they are today. Interestingly, IWD was a day initially supported by socialist and communist movements around the World until it was adopted by the feminist movement around 1967. It took the United Nations until 1975 to start recognizing this day.

Coincidentally, March 8th has always been a day that I celebrated with at least one woman, as it is also the same date as my mom’s birthday. She is also my mentor.

So where is the World on women’s rights today? 

I will let the usual pundits tell this story, but it is obvious that there is still a long way to go to having equality on every level. While I have no unique or special insights into the global issues facing women, there have been many deeply disturbing and cringe moments that we all have witnessed.

One could easily argue that this sort of self-serving, discrimination and downright oppression can also be applied to many other groups in society that are continually being marginalized. The war between the “Haves” and “Have Nots” continues so there is ample fuel to keep the battles brewing. We should always remember that both blatant and subliminal acts are equally bad! Sometimes silence can be more deafening!

First step to change is to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk!

At TechnoPlanet, we practice what we preach. Our policy is simply to hire the person who has the best qualifications for the job. Period. I believe in actually seeking out diversity, as I believe that the synergy of different minds, cultures and perspectives generate exponentially better results. Our work environment was built on supporting the life needs of its team. We support those who want to actually live a full life while having a career – as we like to say, “living while working”.

For example, we have no hard rules when it comes to things like taking time off. Voicing concerns is always encouraged. Making mistakes (even big ones) is seen as a learning experience without which we cannot grow. Equal pay and equal opportunity is normal and natural. We live it every day so we know it works. Some of our female team leaders will be celebrating their 30th year of employment with TechnoPlanet in 2019 :o).

The troubling issue for Women In Tech.

The data shows that the workforce in tech is currently hovering just under 20% for women. It seems unbalanced since women make up about 50% of the population. Beyond the obvious, there are many thoughts as to why it is important to change this situation to have more women at the tech decision table. For starters, it is a good idea so they can influence the future as the World is running on tech! The industry is also growing fast and there is an increasing shortage of a skilled workforce. There are many more great reasons why we need to attract more women to the industry!

I encourage you to reach out to Marie Wiese for more information (she is part of the leadership team that is driving our WiT mission).

Four things we are doing today for Women In Tech.

  1. Publishing stories of successful women in the tech industry to inspire females looking for a career in tech. With strong role models, it makes the leap into tech that much easier. We also want to demonstrate that Tech is not about coding. The amount and variety of job opportunities in tech is off the charts! Check out our dedicated WiT news column on eChannelNEWS.
  2. Offering a free online assessment tool that allows any company to measure their workplace environment for women-friendliness! ANY person at the company can complete the assessment (anonymously, if desired). Actually, we encourage women and men to complete the assessment from various departments within the company to get different perspectives. Based on a smart algorithm, the system will automatically generate a score for the company and rank them to others. Watch for our “Top 100 Women-Friendly” list of companies coming soon! Information, that some may want to know when seeking employment. The end-goal is to help decision makers and influencers within each company to better understand the issues and shortfalls so they may improve. Request your free access to the assessment here!
  3. We do offer educational half-day workshops (run by women) for any company who would like to understand the assessment, issues, challenges and solutions for building a more female-friendly workplace. Request more information or book a workshop!
  4. We also offer a peer-group “mastermind” program to facilitate groups of up to 8 women to collaborate on improving their business skills and accelerating their careers and success in the tech industry. We believe that these all-female peer-groups with female led coaches will be a significant catalysis that will advance more women in Tech. See Elite 300 Mastermind for more information and membership details.

We also recently handed three amazing women with our WiT award for their contribution to the success of women in the tech space.

From Left to right: Marie Wiese, President of Marketing Co-Pilot and WiT leader, Mary Ann Yule, President of HP Canada, Elaine Meh, Director Intel of Canada Ltd, Iva Peric-Lightfoot, formerly Country Manager of ESET Canada.

Click to read their full WiT Award story on eChannelNEWS!

What can you personally do to make a difference in Women In Tech?

  1. Take just one action in 2019 to help move the needle forward on WiT. Why not start with one simple 30-second act of subscribing to the Women In Tech news column on at It’s FREE. You will receive one e-newsletter every month showcasing the amazing stories and journeys of several successful women in the tech industry. Maybe some stories will inspire you to do something bigger than you ever thought possible. Please like, comment and share stories as you see fit. Join the thousands of subscribers in spreading the message.
  2. If you have a WiT story to tell, book a news interview with us to publish it on e-ChannelNEWS. And/or, recommend someone you know. It is always free to tell and publish your story! Contact us anytime!
  3. Become a WiT Member to receive a dedicated monthly e-newsletter with loads of related content as well as invitations to women’s meet-ups and other live and virtual events (at deep discounts or free) that will help support and accelerate all women’s success in the tech industry. Attend at these live events to meet like-minded people and explore how it may benefit you. Click here to join now! Connect with Gerlinda Ringe for more information on upcoming WiT events.
  4. Start a woman’s business peer-group in your area. If you prefer, join one of our structured, inspiring and fun mastermind female-only peer groups. Check out to learn why and how professional coach-led peer-groups can help you to accelerate your success in the tech industry. You can build a peer group from within and/or outside your company.

I would like to thank all of the women who have since offered their support to help accelerate the WiT mission. You will be hearing a lot from them in the near future. In the mean time, I recommend that you check out our interviews with some of them at eChannelNEWS.

Please keep watching and participate! We are going to be doubling down in 2019 to make a difference.