Patty Fisher is Vice President, Marketing at Aptum. A seasoned senior marketing leader with a passion for technology, Fisher brings more than 20 years of experience to her role. She has successfully led and built teams across a spectrum of organizations, ranging from Fortune 100 companies and global enterprises to startups and not-for-profit entities. She has held leadership positions at AOL, Verisign, Sage Software, OVHCloud, and most recently as CMO for Ottawa, Ont.-based EOS Network Foundation. She is a member of Chief, a network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders.

During our interview, Patty provided a detailed account of her 20-year career journey, highlighting the major transformation at Aptum and the company’s focus on the next generation of MSPs. The conversation then shifted to the critical role of diversity and AI in empowering communities, stressing the value of diverse perspectives in technology and the potential benefits that AI can offer to different communities, particularly women.

Julian and Patty also discussed the significance of encouraging young women to pursue careers in the tech industry, stressing the need for young girls to embrace change, seek mentors, and build strong relationships. They also explored personal insights and future plans, with Fisher outlining her future plans to continue supporting technology companies, connecting with leaders in various networks, and contributing to her local community by promoting outdoor spaces.