Eric Snyder, of AppOmni, SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) leader and SaaS security pioneer, provided insights into his extensive experience in the enterprise and security space, emphasizing the importance of SaaS applications and the need for continuous monitoring and security solutions. Eric and Julian Lee acknowledged the complexity of SaaS applications and the challenges of securing them, emphasizing the importance of managing and securing apps in today’s environment, including the significance of third-party app visibility and the complexities of API connectivity. They also discussed the innovative potential of AI in simplifying SaaS security and providing valuable insights into application configurations, as well as the significance of effectively communicating the value of cybersecurity solutions to end customers.

Julian and Eric also discussed the Infinity Program, a channel program at AppOmni, providing an in-depth overview of its components, including deal registration, MDF funds, partner portals, and training enablements. They emphasized the company’s deep investment in partnerships and the significant role that partners play in the business, highlighting the growth of the partner team and the strategic focus on selective partners who are committed to the company.

AppOmni recently unveiled a groundbreaking advancement with the introduction of AskOmni. This first AI-powered SSPM assistant developed by the AppOmni OmniScience team propels SSPM into new dimensions, simplifying security operations and issue remediation, and helping organizations secure mission-critical SaaS environments.

AskOmni simplifies administrator interaction with the AppOmni SaaS security platform with natural language queries for common SaaS security decisions. Leveraging generative AI, AskOmni serves as an assistant to busy security administrators by helping them swiftly identify and remediate issues.