Luciana Lovato is the new channel director for the Americas at Kaspersky. Previously, Lovato held the title of Kaspersky’s head of channel for Brazil, and has now expanded her role to all of Latin America and North America. In her new role, Luciana will share her extensive channel knowledge, lead Kaspersky’s United Partner Program and expand training opportunities for the company’s channel partners.

As channel director for the Americas, Luciana will participate in all business planning for the corporate market, lead the implementation of strategies for distributors and resellers, monitor results and define discounts for all countries in the Americas. Her top priorities will be the integration of channel operations in the region, creating synergies and sharing best practices between partners and expanding the training program for them. Further, Luciana will oversee and manage all facets of the Kaspersky United Partner Program, developing channel strategies and managing aspects of regional strategies aligned to the specific needs of each country.

During this interview, Luciana, shared her professional background and experiences in the technology industry, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and mentorship. She also discussed the changing landscape for women in tech in Brazil and offered advice for girls and others considering a career in tech.

Lovato recommended the series “Mr. Robot” as a valuable resource for understanding cybersecurity and expressed her aspirations to become a country manager in a tech company. The conversation also touched on the importance of visibility for women in the technology industry and the need for more women in leadership positions.