Lisa Del Real is Clio’s VP of Channel Partnerships, and a distinguished leader in IT and communications indirect sales. She oversees Clio’s global channel program with a focus on growth and international expansion. Prior to Clio, Lisa solidified her leadership in the channel, serving as 8×8’s Global Channel Chief, and as the VP of Strategic Partnerships at RingCentral. Outside of work, Lisa follows Formula 1, and loves to explore different cuisines in her travels.

During our interview with her, Lisa shared her experiences transitioning from electrical engineering to the tech industry, highlighting the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated industry and the importance of networking and support. Julian and Lisa discussed the significance of mentorship and diversity in the tech industry, offering guidance to the next generation and emphasizing the value of networking, learning from mistakes, and fostering open dialogues to create better career paths for women in the industry. They also shared personal experiences and advice for young professionals, highlighting the need for support and inclusivity in the workplace.

The conversation also touched on their mutual love for Formula One, their favorite books, and the We Are The World documentary. They emphasized the importance of checking ego at the door and supporting each other, suggesting that this mindset could lead to tremendous movement and success in business and beyond. Additionally, they discussed the impact of AI and technology on the legal profession, encouraging young girls to explore technology careers and highlighting the importance of amplifying the voices of women leaders in the industry. The conversation concluded with a focus on the need for change in traditional attitudes and practices to create a more inclusive and diverse environment.