On this Women Talk Tech podcast, we talk to Cathy Tracey, a Global Sales Director for Dynamics 365 at Microsoft. Cathy has over 25 years of experience in Sales and Sales Leadership.

Throughout this episode, Cathy continually focuses on the importance of being bold in the technology sector, especially as a woman. She also addresses how to set boundaries and not allow others to speak over you and how to have your voice heard at the business table. One of the key pieces of advice we took away from Cathy was about perseverance…

“You have to persevere. There are always going to be challenges or things that are put in front of you that only working hard and only making sure that you know your stuff is going to help you get over those hurdles. You need to make sure you find your lane, find your niche and be the best at that… that’s how you can add value whether you’re in sales or whatever your lane may be…”

Be OK to Have Your Voice Heard

Cathy speaks about how women need to persevere and overcome difficult situations in the workforce. There will always be challenges and struggles to be a woman in the workforce but sometimes you absolutely need to persevere and overcome these hurdles simply by working hard and knowing the problem and solution.

Marie and Cathy discuss:

  • The importance of sales and sales leadership
  • Finding your strengths and discovering your value
  • Being bold and finding your lane
  • What tech companies can do to step up

About Cathy Tracey

Cathy has had roles in tech for more than 25 years in Sales and Sales Leadership and over 13 years at Microsoft. Cathy “fell into tech” when she bought her first business with her father. From there, Cathy met a consultant who hired her right away into the tech industry. Cathy’s love and curiosity for business combined with her creativity and problem-solving skills, she has had a successful career in technology and sales. Connect with Cathy Tracey on LinkedIn and Twitter.