iAsia Brown—also known as “the tech Picasso”—is on a one-woman mission to help veterans transition into civilian life in the tech industry.  She does not charge the veterans she helps, offering them help with their résumé, giving them tips for LinkedIn, and more.  Always investing in human capital, “people first,” she has the unique ability to advance people by helping them to understand their value and apply it to their lives.  Outside of her work with veterans, Brown is a globally recognized storyteller, commissioned artist, and host of upcoming podcast The Butterfly Revolution, all while enjoying her day job as a Data & AI Specialist at Microsoft.

After growing up in the concrete jungle of Queens, New York, Brown served for four years in the Air Force and 12 years in the Marines.  Brown speaks at conferences worldwide about her experiences with PTSD, anxiety, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
For more information, please visit https://iasiabrown.com/