Don Landers, Channel Lead at SpecterOps, presented the company’s main product, BloodHound Enterprise, as the first and only solution to help enterprises secure Microsoft Active Directory (the software used to manage identity and access at nearly all of the Fortune 500).

Don provided an overview of the evolution from a services and training company to offering an open source community solution called Bloodhound Community Edition, and later an enterprise offering called Bloodhound Enterprise. The discussion also touched on the prevalence of cyber attacks and the need for proactive security measures to prevent attacks, rather than reacting to them after they occur. He also detailed the company’s journey from direct sales to the implementation of a sales team and the launch of a channel program to expand and grow the market.

He emphasized the positive reception from the partner community and discussed the company’s focus on being easy to work with and engaging with partners. Julian underscored the significance of regular penetration testing, noting that it is crucial for identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities.

The conversation also included a discussion about the SpectreOps SaaS offering, focusing on its capability to provide ongoing detailed analysis and actionable reports for addressing cybersecurity risk. They explored the ease of implementation and the potential benefits for MSPs and partners, emphasizing the need for ongoing monitoring and a fresh perspective in the market.