Axis Security, a leading provider of Zero Trust Network Access, is enabling leading enterprise organizations to expand beyond traditional access technologies to a more flexible future built on a secure, zero trust cloud platform for employees, contractors, and third-party supply chain partners.

Axis recently expanded on its agentless-first approach by delivering an agent-based model for more complex deployments. Axis expanded its support to also include TCP and UDP-based applications and thick clients. This includes unique support for VoIP, video, peer-to-peer applications, and server-initiated use cases that underpin call center and customer service hubs. Agentless access has also been expanded to include Git, databases, and Kubernetes, which are popular requirements for developers.

Application Access Cloud 
The Axis Application Access Cloud platform enforces continuous, adaptive security controls over all access to sensitive corporate applications and resources, delivering zero trust security through a secure access service edge (SASE) solution. 
Application Isolation Technology keeps users off the corporate network, and applications isolated from both the internal network and the internet, greatly reducing the attack surface and virtually eliminating the risk of horizontal attacks. As a SaaS solution it scales elastically with demand and integrates with existing security systems to inform granular adaptive policies and automated management. In addition, with its continuous monitoring of every user and every request, Axis provides a level of insight and analytics on user behavior and activity not available in traditional access solutions. 
The simplicity of the Application Access Cloud makes it an ideal solution to replace multiple disparate and complicated secure access technologies such as VPNs, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and inline cloud access security broker (CASB) services using a single Zero Trust cloud platform. 
Strategic Investments
Axis launched in March 2020 with $17 million in funding. The initial investment came from Cyberstarts Gili Raanan with Ten Eleven Ventures’ Alex Doll leading the Series A round. Additional investors include Dan Amiga, founder of Fireglass, and board of director member Michael Fey, former president of Symantec and Blue Coat.
Partnerships & Integrations
To provide organizations with an integrated fabric for secure access, Axis recently announced integrations with leading security information and event management (SIEM), identity management, and endpoint security vendors Splunk, Okta, and CrowdStrike. 
In 2021, Axis is working with several leading solution providers to strengthen the end-to-end security of the Axis Application Access Cloud. Axis uniquely ensures granular least privilege access permissions, stronger application protection, and a unique level of visibility into user access and use of corporate applications for incident response and forensic investigations that is unmatched among Zero Trust Network Access vendors.
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