Eclypsium, a digital supply chain security company protecting critical hardware, firmware, and software in enterprise IT infrastructure, recently announced the launch of the Eclypsium Global Partner Program, a new program focused on helping partners succeed in the high-growth, digital supply chain security marketplace.

The Eclypsium Supply Chain Security Platform enables the company’s partners to help their customers eliminate blind trust in their vendors and manufacturers and take an independent and consistent approach to verifying the integrity and security posture of the software, firmware and components in their devices across their technology supply chain.

During this interview, Scott Lupfer, Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels at Eclypsium, presented the program and the critical role of firmware security in enterprise IT systems. He highlighted the challenges of monitoring hardware supply chains for security risks and the need for continuous analysis and monitoring to address vulnerabilities. The conversation also touched on the complexities of supply chain security and the partnerships with major OEMs to analyze and monitor supply chains for new vulnerabilities.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of MSP tools and automation, particularly highlighting a platform designed to assist MSPs in managing customer data and identifying potential sales opportunities.