Julian Lee had a conversation with Rasmus Holst and Andrew Barnes, who provided insights into their companies, LMS365 and Go1, respectively. The discussion revolved around the potential of AI in accelerating human processes and empowering individuals, emphasizing the collaboration between the two companies to enhance learning in the flow of work. The conversation underscored the vision of building a platform to connect the global population with diverse learning opportunities and emphasized the value of embracing a culture of continuous learning and growth.

The discussion provided insights into the platform’s functionality and user experience, addressing queries and highlighting the tailored approach for various job roles. Andrew explained the considerations for personalized learning recommendations, highlighting the role, industry, language, and location as key factors. The conversation also touched on the impact of personalized guidance in shaping individuals’ career paths and the accessibility of content through platforms like Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Rasmus further discussed the benefits of tracking employees’ learning activities for performance evaluation and promotion considerations, highlighting the potential insights gained from monitoring employees’ engagement and learning progress. Additionally, the importance of educating MSPs and the impact it has on customer service was discussed, emphasizing the value of providing information to MSPs, who serve a vast number of customers, and how it contributes to improving customer service.