Mosyle recently launched a new product for MSPs that integrates five critical management and security applications into a single Apple-only offering. As part of the announcement, Mosyle is also offering 100% commissions for the first year and refunding the cost of the Apple Consultants Network annual fee so MSPs can focus on growth. Mosyle’s new product makes it easier for MSPs to deploy, manage, and protect customer Apple devices at scale. Today, more than 47,000 organizations trust Mosyle to manage and secure millions of Apple devices daily.

Alcyr Araujo, Founder & CEO of Mosyle, discussed the security aspects of Apple devices and the importance of implementing additional security measures, especially with the growing adoption of Apple devices in the enterprise world, leading to an increased need for robust security measures. He provided insights into the journey of creating a platform to assist Apple users, starting with a focus on education and evolving to offer specialized device management and security solutions.