Launched in the first half of 2022 with Stellar Cyber, Boise State University’s Cyberdome program is now delivering world-class cybersecurity protection as a free service to thousands of rural end users in K-12 schools, colleges, cities, and counties across Idaho. The program leverages Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform as the foundation of its security-as-a-service offering – a platform that is also used by 42 of the largest managed security service providers around the world.

The Cyberdome program has been very successful! Between January and July of 2023 alone, Cyberdome students monitored over 5,000 assets, analyzed over 53,000 possible attacks, and notified clients of 350 potential real-time attacks. In addition, counties, colleges, and universities in other states have begun plans to roll out similar programs.

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform delivers comprehensive, unified security without complexity, empowering lean security teams of any skill level to secure their environments successfully. With Stellar Cyber, organizations reduce risk with early and precise identification and remediation of threats while slashing costs, retaining investments in existing tools, and improving analyst productivity, delivering an 8X improvement in MTTD and a 20X improvement in MTTR.

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