Stateless, Inc., announced the general availability (GA) of Luxon – the industry’s first software-defined interconnect (SD-IX) platform. Luxon’s patent pending technology with expanded capabilities makes interconnecting workloads simple, composable and scalable.

Luxon’s expanded platform efficiently enables businesses and colocation providers to create interconnections quickly and cost-effectively by discarding device-centric methods of constructing infrastructure. This approach allows customers to streamline network operations and minimize capital expenditures.

Luxon presents a new way for businesses to interconnect applications and resources with its SD-IX platform. The platform enables simple, global interconnects at scale, streamlines network operations, and provides the ability to create interconnections in minutes instead of months. Enhanced capabilities in the GA release include:

– Nearly infinite combinations of network services. With Luxon, users can easily create new and virtually unlimited groupings of individual network services for interconnections. Groupings can use any combination of security services, data encryption, routing and more.

– Unmatched scalability and lower cost. Luxon delivers 5 times the number of interconnections, using 50 percent fewer resources compared with other technologies.
– Increased connectivity options. Additional connection protocols enable easy integration into existing networks.

– Software control that replaces customized hardware. New switch technology opens more configuration possibilities with cutting-edge switching software.

– Multi-tenant support. Luxon supports multi-tenant environments and allows enterprises and service providers to enable end-users to manage their own interconnects – at scale.

– Automation, visibility and control. Luxon enables users to automate services end-to-end, including deployment, growth and failover, and its rich APIs provide users with access down to the most granular level of the system.

Ideal for businesses or service providers who want to manage and create interconnects to reach resources accessed over networks, the Luxon platform works with existing infrastructure assets to provide greater security, visibility and control, no matter the endpoint. Stateless’ ground-breaking architecture provides users with the flexibility, agility and resiliency that current network applications and virtual functions have failed to deliver.

“The accelerated movement of applications to the cloud is creating a new era of connectivity,” said Murad Kablan, CEO and co-founder, Stateless. “To maintain a competitive advantage, businesses require fast, easy connections to the cloud, support for numerous interconnects and the ability to deploy a diverse array of new applications quickly. Today it often requires intricate engineering and new hardware and takes months for a business to deploy a single cloud application. Luxon simplifies a traditionally complex, multi-step process into a single step that takes only minutes.”

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