Following the recent news about Fully Managed being acquired by Telus, the Vancouver-based team behind Fully Managed are launching their next project —a SaaS work analytics platform called Produce8.

Co-founded and backed by Chris Day—the co-founder of IT Glue, Fully Managed and ScalePad—along with Mark Scott, (CEO) and Joel Abramson, (Chief Strategy Officer) both from Fully Managed, Produce8 addresses a problem a lot of companies are facing right now. There’s a real lack of visibility within remote and digital-first teams.

  • It’s challenging to see what people are working on and accomplishing.
  • There’s too much digital distraction and time wasted with continual check-ins, status updates and video meetings.
  • And there’s concern over whether team members are truly productive and engaged.

The future of work continues to be such a huge topic of discussion as more and more companies opt to maintain remote and hybrid digital work models indefinitely—but we all know there are still challenges to overcome.

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