Mitsogo Inc. is home to one of the leading Unified Endpoint Management(UEM) solutions, Hexnode. Over the years,workplaces have been digitalizing, from cellphones to smartphones and laptops to wearables and IoT. As technology advances, IT admins need more ingenious solutions to secure and manage their corporate devices. Hexnode evolves around this idea, embraces the latest technology and industry trends, and offers the finest business mobility experience for both SMBs and Fortune 500s. Network management, content management, app management, expense management and kiosk management; Hexnode covers them all from a single console. Through Hexnode, you can deploy platform-specific policies and configure your device in purpose-specific kiosk modes.

Hexnode has been expanding its partner base for years by offering partnership opportunities and has witnessed tremendous growth in its partner network last year. Currently, Hexnode caters to over 200 partners from about 60 countries and is open to expanding worldwide. Celebrating a partner revenue growth of 200%, Hexnode offers partnership programs with the goal of expanding its reach globally.

Check out their Hexnode Partner Summit on April 21st as well: