Julian Lee and BlueVoyant’s COO of Supply Chain Defense, Brendan Conlon, discussed a survey conducted by BlueVoyant on supply chain defense, which focuses on cybersecurity and supply chain risk management. They emphasized the need for organizations to comprehend third-party risks, navigate interactions with third parties, and adhere to evolving regulatory requirements. They also discussed the challenges and strategies for securing supply chain companies, including the need for companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of their supply chain connections and prioritize monitoring efforts. The conversation underscored the significance of leveraging AI and automation to enhance efficiency and reduce noise in supply chain defense.

The speakers also delved into the repercussions of COVID on the manufacturing sector, focusing on the disruptions in the supply chain and the need for comprehensive contingency plans. They emphasized the criticality of understanding the business implications within a 72-hour timeframe and the proactive monitoring required to mitigate potential disruptions. Additionally, they discussed the challenges faced by CISOs and the importance of minimizing false positives to gain the trust and respect of stakeholders.

The meeting also discussed the technical intricacies of vendor engagement and monitoring, stressing the importance of building trust with vendors over a three-month period before seeing a drop-off in skepticism. The speakers highlighted the comprehensive approach BlueVoyant takes in managing the end-to-end lifecycle of vendors, from onboarding to offboarding if necessary. They also emphasized the critical importance of real-time supply chain monitoring in cybersecurity, stressing the need for continuous monitoring to catch potential vulnerabilities and stay ahead of threats.