Not sure? Don’t know? Well, listen up! Hackers are again way ahead of the game as they have already found a way to plant malware into your data and keep it dormant for months! It waits until you think your backups are safe and then when you least expect it, the malware is activated. Boom!

At first you think, no problem, just wipe your system clean and restore from your backup. Unfortunately, as you restore from your backup the ransomware reappears and locks up your data again! You then keep trying earlier backup instances but discover that those are also reinfected every time you restore!

Once the hacker is able to plant a dormant malware it will infect your backups for as long as they keep it dormant. They can activate it anytime they want!

What can you do once you get hit by this type of ransomware called “Attack-Loop”?

You will either need to find a way to disinfect your backup data if possible or restore to a much older version that hopefully the malware did not infect! Either way, it will cost you a small fortune and a lot of wasted time to recover on top of the potential loss of your current data. How much data can you really afford to lose?

At worst, it infects all instances of your backup data and may be forced to pay the ransom!

The good news is that there is a way to protect your business and backup from the Attack Loop malware today!

Asigra’s backup disaster and recovery solution claims to scrubs your files to remove malware during the backup process and again when the data is being restored. It also does several other things to protect your backup files.

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Now may be a good time to ask your current BDR provider if your backup data is really protected from the Attack-Loop malware. If you don’t get a clear answer, maybe it is time to reconsider your provider before it is too late.