Allison Loy, Director of Channel Sales for TeamViewer Americas, shared her thoughts on the future outlook and collaboration in the digital-first space. Allison and Julian discussed the evolution of remote access and connectivity, highlighting the potential of VR goggles and smart glasses for educational and technical support purposes. They also explored the customization of TeamViewer for specific user cases, including remote diagnostics and updates for IoT devices.

The discussion then delved into the significance of cybersecurity in remote access tools, prompting a detailed conversation about the security measures and certifications in place for TeamViewer. Julian and Allison also discussed the expansion of TeamViewer’s partner team and the growing support for channel partners, emphasizing the broader scope of remote connectivity beyond just remote access. They stressed the importance of differentiation and customization for channel partners to stand out and strengthen customer relationships.

Julian and Allison also discussed the significance of their product in the cybersecurity industry, particularly focusing on the demands of cybersecurity-first MSPs who prioritize top-tier cybersecurity solutions. They emphasized the need to provide the best cybersecurity solutions to cater to this specific market and discussed the competition in the privileged access management (PAM) space. The conversation also touched on the evolving channel strategy at TeamViewer, emphasizing the shift towards a channel-first approach and the growing importance of cybersecurity in customer interactions.

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