With a cybersecurity workforce gap 4 million people wide and economic uncertainty plaguing budgets, cyber teams are short on resources to conduct the proactive threat hunting that is key to improving an organization’s risk posture. This is why on January 30th, SentinelOne will announce new managed threat hunting capabilities for WatchTower and WatchTower Pro to maximize security teams’ ability to defend their organizations.

The new managed offering utilizes the power of machine learning to detect suspicious behavior, coupled with 24/7 expert human analysis to rapidly detect and mitigate emerging and known threats. With these new capabilities, even the smallest of cyber teams can tap into these managed services to gain world-class protection and visibility across the enterprise. 

We recently sat down with Brian Hussey, VP Threat Hunting, Intelligence, and DFIR at SentinelOne, who shared his background in computer crime investigation with the FBI and his evolution into the proactive side of threat intelligence and threat hunting. The conversation also touched on the constantly changing cyber world and the challenges posed by cyber criminals in the digital-first era. Julian and Brian also delved into the capabilities of SentinelOne as a leading security platform, emphasizing its origins in endpoint protection and its expansion into cloud and big data spaces through acquisitions and innovative research.

Brian elaborated on the platform’s role in security management, incident response, and providing visibility across the security infrastructure. Furthermore, Brian discussed the function of Watchtower Pro as a brand within SentinelOne, detailing its focus on threat intelligence, threat hunting, and proactive response to emerging threats, highlighting the importance of having a team of experts to respond to alerts and proactively hunt for potential security threats.

Brian also covered the formal launch of the Watchtower threat hunting capability, highlighting its success in retaining customers and the value it brings through custom risk and threat hunting programs. The discussion underscored the ongoing battle between attackers and defenders in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

SentinelOne was one of the top finalists at our recent Reseller Choice Awards: https://www.e-channelnews.com/eseller-choice-and-women-in-tech-awards-2023-for-canada-are/