We are all in! Time for less talk and more action. Gerlinda Ringe is heading up this important mission with eChannelNEWS to bring more awareness as well as practical support to accelerate the careers of women in the tech industry.

Without more women at the decision table, the decisions will be made without women!

If you are ready to take meaningful actions to attract and support more women in the tech industry, then here is a simple 6-part road map that you can follow…

  1. Check out and subscribe to our Women In Tech News column on eChannelNEWS. Listen to the inspiring success stories of women in the tech industry. Like and share the stories to spread the message! Tell your story in tech! Contact the editor to book a news interview.
  2. Join the new WiT group on LinkedIn. Keep an eye on the posts, contribute content, comment, like and share! Spread the word!
  3. Take the female-friendliness in the workplace test. See how well your company measures up. Encourage more women in your company to also take the test to get a wider perspective. If you do not like what you discover, maybe you can do something to change the situation or consider bringing one of our workshops on the topic to your office. It will help you figure out exactly what to do. Register to be notified when the online test live – check box “I am interested in Women In The Workplace Assessment”.
  4. Start a peer-group of women within your company to collaborate in a special Mastermind program to improve the skills of everyone with the help of professional coaches. If you do not have enough women in your company willing to join, then we can place you in an independent group. Learn why and how a Mastermind peer-group program can help you!
  5. Meet and network in person. Plan to meet your female peers at one of our upcoming WiT events at conferences like ChannelNEXT to learn and network. The West coast event is coming up on October 28-29. Join us!
  6. Women In Tech Awards will be handed out again this year to recognize and honor the top 3 women who made a big footprint in the tech industry in 2019. They are helping lead the way for others to follow. Contact our Editor to nominate someone and tell us why she deserves a WiT Award. Winners of the WIT Award will be announced on February 6th in Toronto, where the achievements of the Canadian IT Channel are celebrated. Come and network with many women leaders in the tech sector.

Start today!