Meghan Hambacher Wilkinson is SVP of Customer Experience at UPSTACK.  She is a business executive with expertise in change and growth transformation, streamlining, simplifying and driving friction out of the organizations, processes, policies, systems and tools to deliver a superior partner and customer experience.

Ms. Hambacher Wilkinson has held leadership roles across revenue growth, transformation, sales, operations, marketing and strategy. In addition to her telecom and technology experience, Meghan worked with start-ups in restaurant, beverage, technology and fitness revolutionizing the way people and companies think.

Meghan Hambacher Wilkinson is widely recognized in the telecommunication, technology and Channel space as a passionate, inspirational and accomplished leader. She has led and contributed to the success of companies due to her trusted knowledge in operations management, sales, and marketing. Meghan drives digital and agile transformation to create operational efficiencies that deliver a simple and streamlined experience for customers.

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