TechnoPlanet and its event divisions, ChannelNEXT and the Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summit, have teamed with OnPoint to enable buyers to interact with sellers at events and beyond. 

Why use printed brochures? It’s harmful for the environment because almost every brochure is discarded. It’s expensive to produce and transport. It can’t be modified once printed. There is no immediate link to a call to action. It is an old method of sharing information during trade shows that is no longer effective in the new digital world. 

“OnPoint is thrilled to bring TechnoPlanet’s events to our platform, allowing all attendees to instantly engage with exhibitors in the manner that they want. These exhibitors will also receive additional exposure to all participants of other conferences on our network.” commented Tony Abi-Jaoude, Founder & CEO of OnPoint. 

OnPoint is your digital brochure and more! Upload any type of content to your OnPoint exhibitor to enrich your profile and it automatically generates a special QR code so that anyone can point, click, and view your information in real time privately. Changes are simple to do, and everyone receives the update right away. Your prospect will gather all the necessary information and contact you to schedule a sales call or demonstration. 

Furthermore, once you join the OnPoint network, anyone from any event on the system (whether you are an exhibitor or not) will be able to find and interact with you. 

“We’ve been seeking for a simple way for conference attendees to engage with our exhibitors so they can learn more and take action. OnPoint allows delegates to examine any exhibitor anonymously and then engage with the company when they are ready.” Says Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet.

More capabilities will be added soon, such as the ability to exchange a digital business card instantly. 

Using OnPoint is easy. Simply download the app and scan any OnPoint QR codes at the conference to access, save, and share information from any exhibitor or speaker. 

Julian Lee adds: “This may be a better option to other event apps that try to do too much and are too intrusive, especially given today’s privacy concerns. Nobody really understands what happens to their information after it’s in the event app, and most people simply delete it after the event.”

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