With over 83% of UK businesses reporting a successful phishing attack in 2022, more businesses are recognising the need for comprehensive email security solutions, putting pressure on MSPs to deliver solutions. However,  implementing email security can be time consuming and challenging.

In response to the surge in email security attacks, Topsec sought a reliable and user-friendly DMARC solution to incorporate into its new Managed DMARC Service. After evaluating several vendors, Topsec chose EasyDMARC’s MSP Partner Program due to its competitive pricing and extensive features.

Niall Mackey, Commercial Director at Topsec Cloud Services, commented, “EasyDMARC has been instrumental in helping our clients protect their domains and improve email deliverability. We’ve seen a significant reduction in spam and phishing attacks, which has been a game-changer for our customers.”

Since incorporating EasyDMARC into its services, 50% of Topsec’s customers have opted to implement DMARC using the platform. As a result, clients have reported immediate improvements in email deliverability and reduced spam. This partnership has also given Topsec a competitive advantage in the managed email security market, with DMARC becoming an essential component of its offering.

As email security threats continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly important for MSPs and resellers to offer DMARC services to their customers. By partnering with EasyDMARC, Topsec has positioned itself at the forefront of this change, solidifying its reputation as a leading provider of cloud-based managed email and web security solutions.

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