Randy Jeter, Andrew Laughter, William Hiatt and Dylan Bouterse, announced the merger of four technology advisory firms to form Procure IT, a game-changing data-driven IT procurement and management company. 

Procure IT promises to combine people, processes and software to create an industry-first platform for IT sourcing and spend, performance and risk management. 

“We believe the market demands more than another – albeit bigger – technology consulting firm,” said Randy Jeter, Procure IT Managing Partner and former RapidScale CEO. “Procure IT’s mission is to become an IT procurement and management company powered by a data-driven platform for predictive IT purchasing, cost control, performance and risk management.”

Merging Resources & Leadership

Procure IT was formed from the merger of four technology companies:

  • Premiere Worldwide is an Irvine, California, technology advisory company founded in 2004 by Rick Hand and acquired by Jeter in 2011.
  • Krewe Advisory Group is a Longwood, Florida, based team of enterprise technology advisors headed by Laughter and Bouterse to help businesses navigate strategic initiatives and align technology with business outcomes.
  • Mercury Communication Services is a Dallas-based cloud and on-premises communications solutions provider with more than 43 years of experience delivering technology to more than 2,000 companies. Mercury brings proven processes in design, implementation and support of thousands of projects nationally.
  • Premier Technology Advisors is a Rockville, Maryland, executive technology consulting firm with an eight-year track record of delivering converged solutions, consulting and managed services to more than 400 businesses. 
  • As Procure IT, these companies leverage decades of expertise in technology sourcing, proven processes and relationships with more than 350 IT suppliers to service more than 3,000 businesses nationwide.
  • Premier Technology’s CEO Jordan Solender, a former Dell and Apple employee, joins Jeter, Laughter, Hiatt and Bourtese as a Managing Partner for Procure IT. The executive leadership team has more than 90 years of combined experience leading technology companies through growth and exit.
  • Tackling Today’s IT Challenges
  • These leaders are bringing the weight of their experience and the resources of their respective organizations to tackle critical challenges in tech sourcing and management, including: 
  • A fragmented IT advisor landscape that results in patchwork solutions and vendor finger-pointing
  • High volumes of data on IT usage, performance and spending that are disaggregated, uncorrelated and untapped 
  • Snapshot data analysis that can’t keep pace with ever-changing IT requirements
  • Procure IT’s strategic approach includes:
  • Strategic acquisitions of MSPs, VARs, agents and ISVs to deliver holistic procurement, professional services and managed services
  • Aggregation, correlation and algorithmic analysis of large data sets on client’s IT expenses, usage, vendors, network and application performance
  • True customer lifecycle management through a proprietary CX Platform with continuous reporting on clients’ IT spending, performance and risk.
  • Source: Procure IT