Top cloud executive Yoram Novick is Zadara’s new President and CEO.

Novick is recognized as a company founder, CEO, and former board member and advisor to various technology companies such as Topio, Maxta, Storwize, Druva, and Kapow.

“The current cloud model is centralized creating a huge gap in the market and increasing demand for superior performance and security for latency sensitive applications and data sovereignty critical workloads,” said Yoram Novick, CEO, Zadara. “Zadara’s proven Edge Cloud solutions bring the benefits of cloud computing and edge computing to its powerful partner network around the world. Zadara is delivering for its customers and partners a top-notch cloud platform that meets all of their demands for a fraction of the cost of the traditional cloud model.” 

The edge cloud is changing the way organizations manage their most precious asset – data, by offering high performance, low latency, compute, networking and storage where it is needed most, outside of centralized data centers, as close as necessary to where data is generated and consumed. With more than 250 global partners, Zadara is currently deploying a cloud every week and will soon offer an edge cloud location near every major city in the world powered by its partner network.