Datto is hosting its quarterly MSP Tech Day on March 24, 2022. Entitled “Elevate your SaaS Security – Defend, Backup, Recover,” the event focuses on proactively defending against cyber attacks, limiting downtime, and preventing critical data loss.

In this virtual event, attendees will get a first-hand look at Datto SaaS Protection and Datto SaaS Defense and learn how they work together to provide multi-layered protection as the first and last line of defense for SaaS applications. They’ll also hear from Datto product specialists, executives, and a panel of MSP peers and gain insights on how to better protect their clients. Participants will receive expert advice on how to leverage these solutions to grow their business, and get a sneak peek at the supporting products that will shape the future of cyber security.

Interested parties can learn more and register here. They will also have access to Datto product specialists and vendors before and after the event. 

Source : Datto