Christopher Chapin is the newly appointed COO at RabbitRun.

Chris is an Inspiring Leader in the Telecom Industry – He is the driving force behind RabbitRun’s innovative products, robust channel strategies, and strategic partnerships.

With a deep understanding of both small businesses and larger enterprise customers, Chris brings a wealth of experience in growing telecom and managed service provider markets. He has over 25 years of experience as a leader in products and technology and in his previous role, he was pivotal in accelerating Enterprise Managed SD-WAN Network Service revenues from $2M to over $520M, establishing Granite Telecommunications as one of the top MSPs in the USA.

During this interview, Chris provided a detailed account of his 13-year journey at Granite, outlining the company’s strategic shift towards diversifying its product offering and venturing into the managed service business. Chris elaborated on his decision to join RabbitRun, citing the company’s unique positioning in an underserved market and the simplicity of its advanced networking technology as key factors.

He delved into the various advantages of RabbitRun technology, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize network security and management for small businesses and MSPs. He explained how the technology addresses the challenges of revenue loss during network outages, advanced threat detection, and the affordability of deployment. Furthermore, he highlighted its potential to streamline network management for MSPs, its compatibility with VoIP solutions, and its ease of installation and configuration, which sets it apart from traditional SD-WAN solutions.

To learn more, check out RabbitRun’s Lions’ Den presentation at the recent ChannelNext Central event in Niagara Falls: