Everyone knows that cyber security is the golden ticket if you can get it right. To go from VAR to MSP is a giant leap, but manageable. To go from MSP to MSSP is even bigger and requires serious skills. To go from MSSP to SOC is like the last leg of climbing Mount Everest. It can be done, but failure here is not an option.

We talked with 2 leading SOCs (CrucialLogics & Jolera) to get the inside scoop on what it really takes to do cyber security right. We also asked them for some advice on how best for MSPs to navigate the cyber security minefield to safely solve the problem.

Should you build this out in-house or outsource some or all? Listen to what they had to say and dig in deeper to figure out your next move. One thing we know for sure is that TRUST is key to collaborating on cyber security services with any partner.