Featuring Ken Dwight, a cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in the industry. He discussed his evolution in the industry, from mainframe programming to assisting small to mid-sized businesses with their personal computers and networks. He also shared his encounter with a virus monetized attack in 2000, which inspired him to develop his malware instant response training program. He addressed the potential repercussions of implementing ineffective cybersecurity measures, emphasizing the need for a discerning approach in evaluating claims made by cybersecurity companies.

Julian and Ken delved into the critical issue of preparing MSPs for cybersecurity challenges, emphasizing the need to shift their mindset and educate them about the complexities involved in handling breaches. The discussion revolved around the critical role of wisdom and insight in cybersecurity, with a focus on understanding the mindset of hackers and bad actors. They emphasized the need for MSPs to possess a deep understanding of the evolving threat landscape and to educate their clients and employees about recognizing and preventing cyber threats.

They also highlighted the challenges in convincing end users to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity measures and shared insights from past experiences, underscoring the importance of learning from historical perspectives.

To learn more about Ken’s company and background, visit www.thevirusdoc.com