Cowbell Cyber, the industry’s first AI-powered cyber insurance provider for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), announced the release of application programming interfaces (APIs) for streamlined digital distribution of cyber insurance. APIs allow insurance digital aggregators to integrate directly to Cowbell’s platform and enable instant quoting of Cowbell Prime 100. The introduction of APIs marks a first in the cyber insurance industry and ultimately accelerates the adoption of cyber insurance in the SME segment by multiplying options for agents to prepare quotes and for policyholders to access cyber coverage.

In today’s digital-first world, each industry must undergo an extensive digital transformation or risk being left behind. Today’s customers demand omnichannel customer experience as well as tailored solutions to fit their individual needs. To remain relevant, insurance providers must leverage disruptive technologies to compile policies that are data-driven and personalized. By using an API-based integration, Cowbell is allowing agents to easily obtain policy quotes rather than having to manually process requests for quotes.

“The entire insurance industry is reinventing itself through the adoption of a digital-first model,” says Rajeev Gupta, CPO and co-founder at Cowbell Cyber. “We’re proud to be the first to open our rate-to-bind digital process for cyber to digital partners and deliver instantaneous coverage to small and mid-size businesses through our Cowbell Prime 100 admitted insurance program.”

APIs bring flexibility to digital insurance aggregators who serve independent insurance agents with various carrier insurance programs. API-based access to Cowbell Prime 100 adds a simple, yet robust option for cyber coverage. Along with immediate quoting, agents and their clients benefit from an immediate assessment of risk and Cowbell risk resources bundled with its cyber policies.

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