It may be unknown to some, but women have been declining in the tech sector at an alarming rate of 19% per year. The tech industry will be facing a huge staff shortage in the coming years. As an industry, we need to get more people to enter the tech sector and right now, women can be the answer. If you want to get more insights into the issues, please download a free report called Blueprint for Women’s Leadership.

Some companies are already stepping up to resolve the lack of women in technology and the overall employment shortages that are expected. Dalhousie University awarded some scholarships and mentorships for female students to attract them into IT positions, with the help of big tech companies. Other universities and collages are expected to do the same. Some industry leaders are also trying to do something to encourage more women in their communities. In Chicago, all students will have to do “coding” as part of their curriculum to graduate and Apple is helping to fund this mission by supporting the teachers, providing free software and affordable devices.

However, all this is only just a start. It is still a very long way to go before we can say that the trends are reversing with more women entering the technology sector.

“Without enough women in the technology space, the voice of diversity and representation of all interested parties will be too small to matter. With AI and other business accelerating technologies, diversity is critical to ensure the end-result will benefit all” Said Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot.

TechnoPlanet is stepping up to the plate with a significant investment and effort to energize the movement and facilitate more women in technology to accelerate their success. This will go beyond just talk to include a specific program customized to help women business leaders in the channel to build bigger, better, stronger and smarter businesses.

All women business owners and executives will be invited to join a peer group to collaborate on all levels of building best business practices. With the guidance and support of other female business coaches and experts, they will improve their business practices to excel and compete with anyone. Each member will be assigned to a group of 8 like-minded peers to build their business with the guidance of 6 business coaches to ensure it is done right and fast. For more information please visit

Empowering women to build their companies through best business practices is the first step but it’s really a giant leap forward!

Other benefits will flow including better prices and more tools and services to increase productivity and profitability. As this program accelerates the success of more women leaders in technology, we will leverage these stories to inspire and motivate other women to enter the tech sector. These women leaders will also set the example and help to mentor the next generation of women entering tech.

There is a lot more planned to springboard from this first step. We will share as we go. Men are also encouraged to join the movement and bring their support and ideas. We need to solve the human resource shortages in the tech space and we need to ensure diversity is injected into the process so all parties are represented. The end result will be much better for everyone!

Starting now, eChannelNEWS will have a dedicated category for “Women In Tech”. This is amongst the first stories to be published as we ramp up with other partners and content. We will do doing interviews with many women business leaders to tell their story and share insights.

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Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet commented “We know that we do not have all the answers, but we know that we want to be part of the solution. Our company already has an equal amount of women and men leaders and I can tell you that it is a big part of our success for 3 decades. We have always encouraged women in tech and now we are simply going to accelerate our efforts”

Check out the 30 minute discussion between Marie Wiese and Julian Lee as they talk about this challenges and solutions to encourage more women to enter tech.