In response to continued privacy concerns, Zoho, a leading global technology company, is launching a new privacy-centered service which builds on its industry-leading  Privacy Pledge that safeguards the data of its 90+ million users.

According to Norton, 85% of global adults want to do more to protect their online privacy, with two-thirds of global consumers feeling that tech companies have too much control over their data. This report echoes a Canadian survey in which  65% of respondents said they are uncomfortable with financial organizations, marketing groups, government and political parties having access to their online info or social media activity. 

Zoho Canada’s managing director, Chandrashekar LSP, discusses the upcoming launch and its relevance to consumers and SMBs. He also shares news about two other new applications to help entrepreneurs and SMBs launch and run their businesses. 

Zoho also announced sweeping investments across its entire portfolio to accelerate upmarket momentum after a three-year, 65% CAGR in mid-market and enterprise segments, which now represents one-third of the entire business. The company now boasts more than 90 million users across more than 600,000 global businesses of all sizes.

Zoho is announcing critical investments tailored to mid-market and enterprise businesses across go-to-market services, new products, platform extensibility, AI, and privacy and security. These investments are aimed at transforming the enterprise customer experience and systematically enabling customer success.

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