Let the hacker battles begin! 

Hackers battle to find vital flaws in the infrastructure and cybersecurity defense systems, and PlexTrac will be there to defend and report.

On February 22, when the fight is broadcast live online, we shall all find out the final turn of events!

Register up to watch or join the hacker side: Visit https://hub.hackerverse.co/plextrac-capture-the-flag

Those that signed up will also have access to the recorded version of this epic battle in the order they were received. 

Stay tuned for upcoming battles in 2024 from the teams at HACKERVerse and Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem

In the business of Cybersecurity? Take a good look at the CDE at https://cybersecuritydefenseecosystem.com/ whether you’re a vendor or channel partner consider becoming a member of our cyber warriors! 

Why are we doing the World Hacker Games?

  1. It’s fun and entertaining (at least we will aspire in this direction).
  2. It gives ethical hackers a platform to test and show off their skills (maybe find work).
  3. It helps developers of cybersecurity solutions (software and hardware) to test their defenses and improve.
  4. It helps everyone to better understand just how good these vendors are in defending against real hackers.
  5. It provides a smart alternative for the next generation to get get into hacking instead of gaming (hopefully fill the current 3 million job openings in cyber and more).
  6. It offers education courses and professional accreditations for anyone interested in cybersecurity.
  7. It helps everyone to better understand what hacking is really like, why it matters and how to better protect yourself.
  8. Time to pump some excitement into the tech/cyber industry!

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No humans or animals will be physically hurt in this battle…just maybe a few egos :o)

Keep in mind that this is our first run at this live so we may stumble a bit, but we will carry on. Thank you for making a little history with us as we build this thing…

See you there!